HIKE&FLY Experience

HIKE & FLY Experience second edition 12 June 2021.

Trekking, flying and fun, with the aim of rediscovering the essence of free flight, the bond of man with Nature, the pleasure of conquering the take-off by reaching it on foot, breathing the mountain deeply.

What does it consist of:
Individual ascent, on foot between forest roads and mountain paths, along the historic paths of Monte Grappa through woods, meadows, war testimonies and breathtaking views of the Venetian plain and the surrounding peaks of the Dolomites.

After take-off, each pilot is invited to enjoy the flight as much as possible in the wonderful area of ​​Monte Grappa, known for its unique aerological conditions. No rush to land, enjoy the moment!

The landing area set up for the event is located near our facility.
Where you can see the wonderful panorama with the landings of the athletes.

Save the date: 12 June 2021


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