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Treatment with Tibetan bells

Resonance massage with our energy. For centuries known, the Tibetan bell has a strong impact with our emotions, interacting through its sound which, in depth, evokes a sense of peace. Using this tool at the end of a relaxing manual massage will make contact with yourself uniquely yours.

Duration 70 minutes – Price € 90

Lymphatic drainage

Specific massage to improve lymphatic circulation, works with alternate pumping and dynamic and light maneuvers to facilitate the flow of lymph. Inspired by the Vodder technique, this treatment achieves the highest results if done consistently, depending on the current health condition.

Duration 50 minutes – Price € 70

Alpine massage with Pine wood

The benefit of Pine sticks make this massage an unforgettable experience. By the special massage technique used, musculature is more relaxed; circulation is stimulated and reactivated and also the immune system benefits from it, thanks to the fresh Alpine essences released from the specific oil used.

Duration 50 minutes – Price € 65

Treatment with Hot Pads

Massage with hot pads fragrant alpine herb is an intense application performed all over the body, carried on with rhythmic movements combined with a flow of hot oil directly on the fabric. The movements of the pads, light or buttons allow the heat to penetrate into the body by relaxing deeply. To grasp every need, at your choice of relaxing, energizing or invigorating. Ideal as a conclusion of any massage.

Duration 50 min – Price € 65
Duration 80 min – Price € 90

Hot Stone Body Massage

The heated and power of volcanic stones make your body to feel wellness and harmony. It aims to release the muscular tensions.

Durata 75 min – Price € 80

Candle Massage

Relaxing massage with vegetable butter. Due to the low melting point, the wax becomes in a warm and moisturizing massage oil. In the traditional ayurvedic the warm oil is a powerful to take care of the body health and psycho-physical balance

Duration 50 min – Price € 75

Aromatherapy massage

This massage is wonderful for those who want to get in touch with your inner self. The benefits of essential oils used for this massage will allow you to find balance and presence of mind and body. The essences are personally selected by the customer in order to customize each time treatment. This will make the Aromatherapy massage an original and unique.

Duration 50 min – Price € 75

Herbal Beauty Massage

This massage is based on the ancient application of the best alpine herbs, acts deeply oxygenating the tissues and giving vitality. The different fragrances created by the mix of herbs in the product, carry your mind, through the way of the senses, deep contact with nature.

Duration 50 min € – Price € 70

Classic Massage designed exclusively for you

Massage for a specific zone can soothe, relax and relieve muscle tension.

Duration 40 min – Price € 50

Body Relax

Profound relaxation for the over stressed to bring the subtle energies of the body into balance. Essentials oil provide to every need your skin has.

Duration 50 min – Price € 60

Myofascial Massage

Relaxing massage to rebalance the body health. It stimulates and relaxes muscles through massage focusing on pressure points.

Duration 50 min – Price € 65
Duration 80 min – Price € 90

Focus Massage (Back and Neck)

This massage focuses on your shoulders, back ,neck, the most contracted areas.
Ideal after a long trip to promote a feeling of calm and balance through mind and body.

Duration 30 min – Price € 45

Draining Massage

Specific massage moments to stimulate the blood circulation and detoxify the body achieving immediate results.

Duration 50 min – Price € 70