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Wellness Rituals

Hot bandage

Bandages soaked in a thermo-active gel applied in legs, buttocks and abdomen. This focused bandage ensures the effectiveness of a lipolytic treatment, with a reducing effect from the first session. Stimulating microcirculation and lipid splitting, gives a result with a drier appearance, thanks also to the capsicum, thyme and horse-chestnut extracts. At the end of the laying will be applied specific products for the legs and the abdomen, based on caffeine, guarana, juniper and ginseng.

Duration 60 min – Price € 75,00

Ritual Body & Visage

Course focused on the wellbeing of body and face for a snug and relaxing effect. Turkish bath, shower spray, Exfoliating and moisturizing facial treatment, Chromotherapy cave and circulatory massage-relaxing with sweet almond oil for a smooth body and a bright face and regenerated.

Duration 120 min – Price € 130,00

Body Dream hydrating

Infuse your body and mind with a feeling of wellness and harmony. Turkish bath, body scrub made with yogurt and sugarcane for a smooth and radiant skin, hydro massage and a relaxing body massage.

Duration 90 min – Price € 100,00

Body Dream draining

Infuse your body and mind with a feeling of wellness and harmony. Bio-sauna, body scrub made from almond oil and salt, hydro massage and an harmony body massage will leave you relaxed with a firms and radiant skin.

Duration 90 min – Price € 100,00

Silhouette Shaping Treatment

A real treat for those who feel the need to firm and tone the legs and buttocks and / or legs and abdomen. This treatment is performed with the application of a mask to the mold that has dual action: thermal action to spread the active principles and tightening effect for a defined body and compact. Ideal for all women of all ages!

Duration 50 min – Price € 80,00

Detoxifying-Slimming Treatment

aesthetic treatment based on Wonderful Pack of Laminaria Digitata to skin and toned compacted and followed by a toning massage in the treated areas. The great power of marine algae gives a slimming effect and helps our body to reabsorb excess fluids.

Duration 50 min – Price € 70,00

The Wings of the hands and feet

Pleasant moments relaxing hand and foot with rose water and lavender essential oil, a deep massage and thanks to reflexology and to restore your body the sense of well-being.

Duration 45 min – Price € 45,00